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  • Jiangsu Dynamic Chemical Co., Ltd.
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    Dynamic Established Joint Research Center of Fine Chemical N
    The first international advanced lithography technology symp
    Dynamic Chemical Successfully joined the Technology & Innova...
    Senior BASF Management Visit Dynamic
    Dana Nanjing won the "most competitive enterprise award" in ...
    Dynamic (Nanjing) Co., Ltd. won the "China Petroleum and Che
    MAOH Polyethers and End-blocking Products Popular at Home a
    Bureau of Industry Injury Investigation held public hearing ...

    Jiangsu Dynamic Chemical Co., Ltd. is a
     joint venture enterprise restructured from
    Dynamic (Nanjing) International Co., Ltd.
    as a whole. Its wholly-owned subsidiary
    corporations are Jiangsu Tianyin Chemical
    Co., Ltd., Dynamic Chemical Binhai Co., Ltd.,
    Jiangsu Tianyin Chemical Shanghai Co., Ltd.,
    Tianyin Chemical Commerce and Trade (Shanghai) Co., Ltd. and Dynamic (Hong Kong) Industrial Co., Ltd.……

      Glycol Ethers Coating Solvents and... Block Polyethers
      Environment-friendly and odor-less... Unsaturated block polyethers
      Glycol ethers Saturated block polyethers
      Surfactant Series
      Chemicals of Electronic Grade Concrete polycarboxylic acid water...

    Established in December, 2004, Jiangsu Dynamic Chemical Co., Ltd. …


    Jiangsu Tianyin Chemical Co., Ltd. is a fine chemical manufacturing enterprise…


    Dynamic Chemical Binhai Co., Ltd.is located in Coastal Chemical Zone of …


    Established in July 2019, Dynamic New Material (Maoming) Co., Ltd. is located in the...

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